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The Art of Feminine Embodiment

with Katrina Leah 

Healing comes through the embodiment of the soul. The feminine soul is what grounds us. It loves and accepts us in our totality."

Marion Woodman

Artist Bio:

Katrina is an artist who lives in Christchurch and is currently in the process of completing a Bachelor of Design (Applied Visual Arts) at Ara Institute of Canterbury. She is inspired by the work of many women artists, particularly when they are making a statement about the experience of living in a woman’s body or aspects of a woman’s inner or outer life. Katrina became a certified Art of Allowing facilitator in 2017, and since that time has facilitated women’s painting and creativity workshops. To date the bulk of her work has been painting in acrylics. Link to some of her completed  course work here 

2021 - Winner Artrepreneur sculpture open call

2021 – Applied visual arts programme Level 6 in progress

2020 - Applied visual arts programme Level 5 completed

2020 – Awarded Level 5 Contextual Studies prize

2020 – Nominee Level 5 Applied visual arts student awards

2020 – Solo exhibition The Creatrix. Methven Memorial Hall

2018 – Joint exhibition Muses and Madonnas, The Feminine as Creatrix.

              Pumanawa Gallery Christchurch Arts Centre

2017-2019 – Painting and creativity workshop facilitator

2017 – Certified Art of Allowing facilitator

1994 – Certificate in Adult Teaching

Artists Statement:

I started painting in 2014 after many years of not thinking I was creative in any artistic sense. Inspired by the artwork of Flora Aube, I eventually took an online class with her threw myself into the world of intuitive painting. I became an Art of Allowing certified facilitator and commenced teaching workshops to women. It is a great joy to share my inspiration with others whom feel creatively challenged or who wish to express themselves in new ways.

My paintings usually start out as play on the canvas and then intuitively seeing and feeling what is calling to come forth, and mostly for me that has been feminine forms and landscapes. Since starting tertiary studies in applied visual arts in 2020, my interest in what might loosely be framed as women’s art and women artists has increased, and I am exploring different mediums as ways to express this.

I do feel very drawn to working with textile and fibre which are mediums that traditionally and historically have been largely practiced by women. I have begun some tentative explorations with these mediums, and I hope to explore and express myself more in this way in the future. A recently completed work in textile, Apron Strings explores the theme of the mental and emotional realities in the life of a mother and her fluctuating sense of identity. This piece was one of the winners in the Artrepreneur sculpture open call in November 2021.